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kimono kimono

Updated: Mar 30, 2019



Hi Huns...

Lil bit of info on the wonderful kimono that I'm sporting here....

Did you know ...That the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment...And is a representation of the japan culture and heritage...This is why you may see the lovely ladies working in the Japanese embassies wearing a beautiful kimono while receiving guests at receptions during important occasions and special holidays.

Kimono kimono...SO! good i had to say it twice...Look, it's no secret that i just ADORE!... kimono's. Any chance i get to wear one...I'M ON IT!...I've made SO! many kimono's in the past but wanted to make this one extra different with a lil twist...So i decided not to used the conventional fabric but to use a fabric you wouldn't necessarily associate with a kimono...

Hence the Puffa waterproof fabric, Which already came self lined by the way...So that eliminates the stress of making a lining, right there...Quick and easy...Fully enjoyed it...


  • Cream Kimono fabric: Light-weight to Mid-weight waterproof polyester from Walthamstow market stall E17

  • White Embroidery skirt: Mid-Heavy weight cotton from Walthamstow market shop E17

Happy Sewing!!


PATTERN USED: Cream puffa kimono tie Jacket self drafted by Sewchronicles

PATTERN USED: Ivory white embroidery circle skirt self drafted by Sewchroinicles


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