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keep it casual

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Ice blue cotton shirt and dark denim skirt


Hi Huns...

Rewind back to when the weather was good...What a lovely day this was...Got my exercise in...

Can't tell you how many times I came out of that revolving door...just to get that shot......Superman, has nothing on me...SUPERWOMAN!...

This was actually one of my 1st photo shoots with a photographer...I was abit nervous at I've never been one for being in front of the camera...I prefer the other side of it...where you don't see at first it felt unnatural to i have never done anything like this before...So many things where going through my mind...How do you do you stand...whats the best they say...

The photographer was really good...He knew exactly what to say and what to do to put me at ease...which was very comforting at the time and just what i needed to hear in order to loosen up abit and just organically let it flow...

So the moral of the story...Don't worry about who's watching you or if your doing it right...just let it be...Block everybody out and just do you....


  • fabric used for skirt: Heavy-weight denim skirt from Walthamstow fabric stall E17

  • Fabric used for shirt:Light-weight cotton shirt from Walthamstow fabric shop E17

Happy Sewing!

Photographer, Tony Attile



PATTERN USED: Long sleeve blouse 04/2010 - 114 by Burda style

PATTERN USED: Denim skirt -Made using self drafted pattern


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