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it's a Hatric

Updated: Mar 6, 2019



Hi Huns...

No need to grab for that new fabulous fabric guys...Scrounge around for your scrap fabrics or even left overs, Coz that's all your gonna be needing...GOSH! I sound like Ebenezer...the scrooge that stole Xmas...

But for real...I'm a great believer of using your resources and saving what you have... Like scraps of fabrics...or really old beat down jumpers...Now...i know we ALL! own a few and more of these...DON'T LIE NOW!...

You know the Ones you've worn, worn and worn again...No longer wear and is hidden in a dark, dark room somewhere and a cat has taken a fancy to it as a day and night bed...

YEAH!...WASH IT, USE THAT ONE!...Coz some day, you will need it for project just like this...which don't require a lot of fabric...I made this hat on less than 1/2 meter...and the fur from the left overs of hood trimming on this coat....Now there you go...Will do a tutorial on this soon.


  • Hat fabric: wool mix from Neotrims online at ebay

  • Hat Bobble: Faux fur originally purchased from Neotrims online at ebay

Happy sewing!!



PATTERN USED: Hat self drafted pattern by sewchronicles

PATTERN USED: Parka coat, Fur lined parka 01/2016 - 124 Burda style

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