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from denim with love x

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

denim cotton shirt


Hi Huns...

Denim must be the most loved...In-fact it's the most coveted version of cotton of all time...

OK...What can we say about denim, that we all don't already know!...Its the most comfortable, stylish, money well spent garment piece that you will ever own in your wardrobe...Well apart from plain silks obvs...Certain denims grow in-style with age...That could be simply down to wash / weight and quality...

The trick is...So that you don't get caught out and get spat out in the fashion cycle...Is to stretch a lil further to get a quality denim, nothing to break the bank...but keep your denims pure and simple...That way, you will have your denims for a very, very long time...Money well spent i say...


  • Denim Shirt: Light weight cotton purchased online at ebay

Happy Sewing!



PATTERN USED: Long sleeve Blouse 01/2010 - 114 Burdastyle

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