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bold over by sweet cerise

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

cerise pink cotton shirt


Hi Huns...

Did you know that the colour of your clothes in your wardrobe is just as important as the shape?... Well apparently the most workable wardrobe is based around a co-ordinated wardrobe where each garment is interlinked some how by colour and shape.

Well...I purely chose this material as reference to what was NOT in my wardrobe at the time,

"COLOUR!". As much as i love love love my blacks dearly...My neutrals, the navy's and yes...

We cant forget my greys and creams...It never went unnoticed that i needed something punchy in my wardrobe...Hence the hot pink...And anything of colour is always a talking point...Well for me it is...

Now as you know...I'm not quite done here...Coz if you know me...they will be followed with another 2 or 3 or maybe 4...An array of colours coming at yah...


  • Cerise Shirt fabric: Light weight Cotton from Walthamstow market shop E17

  • Black + Navy Trouser fabric: Cotton / Cotton drill from Mermaids in Mare st Hackney E5

Happy Sewing!!



PATTERN USED: Long sleeve Blouse 01/2010 -114 drafted pattern by burda Style

PATTERN USED: Navy + black slacks self drafted pattern by Sewchronicles


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