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black checkers

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

black n white checkered shirt


Hi Huns...

Checkers anyone...GET YOUR CHECKERS GAME UP!...

Is it just me?...Anytime i work with Checks i swear, i start to go cross-eyed / boss-eyed or double visioned...Or is it a sign i need to go and get my eyes tested....Hmmm...

So...NO...your not now seeing things...YES...i intentionally left off all buttons on this shirt...With every intention to wear it is, open and free...No buttons required


  • Check Shirt Fabric: Mid - Light weight Cotton from Walthamstow E17 Market stall

  • Wide Leg Trouser Fabric: Silky Satin Polyester from Walthamstow E17 Market stall

Happy Sewing!!



PATTERN USED: Wide leg trouser self drafted pattern by Sewchronicles

PATTERN USED: Moa collar blouse 02/2010 - 124 by Burda style


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