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Updated: Aug 25, 2019



Hi Huns...

And viola...5 meters of fabric and 3 looks later....Not bad aye!...Even if i do say so myself!...

Well every seamstress knows its not as simple as "viola!" and buoy i wish it was sometimes...But on the other hand, i wouldn't change it for a thing...So a brief interlude on how i got my hands on this lovely fabric...Exactly 4 weeks today a lovely lady called Vicki from the Minerva Crafts approached myself with a great opportunity to collaborate with them...and of course i was biting her hands off...I jumped at the offer...

You know the post about the stripe fabric...Well this is in reference to that...So i was given a selection of gorgeous fabric to choose from but i didn't wanna be greedy...Out of all the fabrics i was drawling over I settled with the one, which was the stripe fabric...Great choice...It's as gorgeous as described...I was certainly NOT! disappointed when it arrived...Soft, Lightweight, Great quality and a beautiful handle...Easy to work with...


  • Fabric used: 5 Meters of Beige and white Stripe Linen Fabric (Gifted by Minerva Crafts)

  • Pattern Used for dress: Vogue V8814

  • Pattern Used for trousers: Simplicity 4135

  • Pattern Used for bag: Self drafted by Sewchronicles but alternative you could use Butterick pattern B6188 Bags

For full Blog story /details head over to

Happy sewing guys !



PATTERN USED FOR DRESS: Vogue pattern V8814

PATTERN USED FOR TROUSER: Simplicity pattern 4135

PATTERN USED FOR BAG: Self drafted by Sewchronicles...Alternative you could use Butterick pattern B6188 Bags

FABRIC USED: Stripe linen fabric (Gifted by Minerva Crafts) @minervacrafts

For full Blog story / details head over to


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