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Updated: Mar 30, 2019



Hi Huns...

Did you know that chiffon is a family member of silk?...Well if you didn't know now...You live and you learn aye!....

Chiffon along with Satin, organza, crepe de shine and taffeta is all apart of the silk family...

Their cousins people!.....Its funny how we assume that silk is a separate entity on it's own and it's timid...When in actual fact it's the reverse. Silk is apart of a very big family and is also considerably a very strong fabric too. Another myth...its hard to look after, as many folks would think...NOT TRUE!...A lil bit of TLC! goes along way. The beauty or the charm should i say...of silk, is that it comes in an array of vibrant and vivacious colours...Put it this way...

Ever come across a shabby silk?...Naaa didn't think so!...

I personally never used to be into chiffon until last year....Tell-a-lie...Maybe once for my 18th or 20th birthday, It could have been...But that was short lived...I guess with everything else it's all about easing myself into it...Well this is my 2nd shirt of the see-through i cant be doing that bad...Hopefully, we will have more on the horizon to join the family...stay tuned....

Quick question before i it just me or does this shirt remind you of something that Donatella Versace , would have done in the late 90's / 2000....YEA/NO?!...Or perhaps I've just been starring at this fabric waaaaaay to long...Anyways ta ta for now!


  • Chiffon shirt: Printed silk chiffon from walthamstow market stall E17

Happy Sewing!!



PATTERN USED: Made using self drafted patterns by Sewchronicles


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